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How many times have you wanted to extract the icon from an .exe file? MultiExtractor is an application to quickly extract multimedia files, and search and unzip images, icons, and audio files. It's the perfect tool for identifying hidden files, independently of their format, and separating the audiovisual files from others on your computer.

Thanks to this software you can get the pictures, audio, and video in multimedia files from the web or on your hard drive. Which formats can you extract from? Fortunately, loads.

This software can extract images in .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .pcx, .tga, .ico, .cur, .tiff, .emf, .wmf, and .png; textures in .dds, .3ds and .lwo; audio in .wav, .mp3, .mid, .xm, and .ogg; as well as video in .avi, .dat, .asf, .mov, .swf, .bik, and .smk, among other icons and compressed files. MultiExtractor supports Office documents, databases, RAW files, and PE files like .exe, .dll, and .scr.

The program's browser has different options so you can filter your search, like properties of the icon or image, or the size of the file. It's really easy to use, and lets you drag and drop files to the interface to make MultiExtractor start working.

- Trial version lasts 30 days.
- Adds a watermark that says 'Demo version.'
- Default extraction mode is limited.
- Saving your extraction is unavailable.
- Storing compressed .exe files and source files is unavailable.
- Disabled patches for all resources.

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